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 7:30am – 10:00am




Continental breakfast is served in the truly magical old parlor and ancient kitchen, the oldest parts of the house. Adorned with samplers, Canton china, and German Punch and Judy Puppets, these rooms are the ideal place to enjoy a hot chocolate and a croissant before taking on the town. 

Breakfast consists of a selection of home-baked pastries, mini muffins, fruit, cold yogurt and cereals, breakfast bars, bagels, toast, croissants and a variety of hot beverages including our branded teas, coffee and hot chocolate.

Breakfast is only available for overnight guests of the house. 


Fireplace Parlor bottom _edited.jpg

Weddings, Private Functions, Holiday Parties 

Art Shows, Book Readings

The Daniels House is available for private parties and events. Whether you are planning your next organization meeting, holiday work party or the wedding of your dreams, every event can be coordinated to suit your needs. The Daniels House property consists of approx. 4000 sq ft, a newly-renovated kitchen for food preparation, a 17th-century dining room, and a backyard patio. 

The next-door Silsbee House contains a first-floor apartment with a full kitchen, living room and bedroom with two additional bedrooms on the second floor, each with their own private bathrooms.

Between our two properties, we can accommodate 17 people for overnight stays. 

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